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Making It Work

Often when doing custom work we have to come up with creative solutions. I received a beautiful linen with embroidered stripes for simple pillow shams. The designer wanted me to railroad the fabric and have the stripes run horizontally across the sham. Beautiful idea, but...

Linen with embroidered stripes

The problem was too much space between the stripes which would put the seams coming into the embroidery on the top and bottom of the sham and a lot of blank space in the center of the sham. What to do?

Box pleat in the center of the space

I took a 1.5" tuck in the center of the space on the front of the fabric. Then I pressed it flat so that it formed a flat box pleat. This brought the stripes close enough together that they could be centered nicely on the sham front.

Pillow sham with box pleat

Problem solved and another design element that adds interest and individuality to the sham.

Closeup of sham with box pleat

Contact Jodi's Window Fashions today and let us help with your design and fabrication dilemmas, too.

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