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Artisan Project Fabrication Weekend

The first of February quickly arrived and I was on a plane to Houston, Texas. Rachel Barrera met me at the airport and we drove down to League City, Texas to the fabulous workroom she shares with her partner, Terri Booser, who is the Director of the Artisan Project. Their company is Sugar & Spice Draperies and Shades, LLC. Terri and Rachel joined forces and became partners about a year ago and their workroom is the upstairs of Rachel's home. There are so many windows plus great lighting in this space.

Lining rack, worktables

They have several large work tables on casters that can be moved into whatever configuration is needed for the "everything is bigger in Texas" treatments that they do on a regular basis. The iridescent voile that covers their tables gives you a glimpse into their fun personalities.

Another worktable and machines in the area with the air compressor

Here's another area with another work table, more sewing machines, and the air compressor for cornice work. Terry Sandlin used this table and the staple gun for her fabulous "Shade Tree" treatment.

Sewing machines next to  a window

One last shot -- so nice to sit next to the window with these lovely sheer café curtains and sew and sew and sew. Terri and Rachel have a really nice set up for turning out exceptional work in an uplifting atmosphere. It was the perfect space for the Artisans to bring our designs to life.

2018 Artisans and support staff

Most of us had never met the others in person so it was fun to meet and make new friends. Here are the Artisans and our fantastic support staff. And yes, these are the stairs that lead up to the workroom.

Casa Grande exterior
Vanessa Vincent, chef extraordinaire

That evening we headed over to the Airbnb home where we stayed the weekend and met another important part of our team -- Vanessa! Vanessa was our personal chef and prepared our dinners each evening. The food was fabulous and pretty, too! She also prepared our lunches each day. It was so great that we didn't have to take the time to drive and wait at restaurants. Time saved, so relaxing, and the best food! Awesome!

The evening was spent enjoying delicious food and sharing stories as we got to know our workroom friends better. Later we turned in for a restful night's sleep in our private rooms in preparation for three non-stop days of fabrication.

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