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Working with Jodi is Easy

Working with a window treatment specialist will make your design life easier. You're dealing with everything in the room from floor to ceiling. The window treatments and soft furnishings are the 'icing on the cake', but there are so many details that you need a pro to help you make it flawless.

Hand pleated swags on custom pole

I'm Jodi Stanford and I want to be your window treatment specialist. Your business is my business. We will work closely to make your inspired design an exciting reality.

I can quote from your measurements or make a site visit to verify measurements and scope out any potential difficulties. I can advise on fabric suitability, pleating, and trimming. I can make your fabric shades child-safe and compliant with ANSI standards. I can engineer 'over-the-top' treatments for an easier installation. I can specify, order, and take delivery of hardware.

Arched sheer Austrian shades on doors

Need pillows, cushions, table covers, or custom bedding? With 32 years of experience I can address all of your soft furnishings needs.

Call me today to discuss your next project or schedule a workroom visit. 901-372-6947

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